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Al Reaya Typing Centre

ALREAYA Typing Services is an Al Ain based venture and independent company providing online government documents services, typing, consultancy, public relations and other follow-ups, in addition to assistance in different government departments. ALREAYA is basically linked to TAS’HEEL, the online government system designated to simplify all related processes to improve output volume & increase efficiency within independent typing centers. TAS’HEEL allows centers such as ALREAYA to make online transactions and payments to the Ministry Of Labor. ALREAYA Typing Services was established in 2007 as a service provider mainly in the field of visa provision in addition to the full range of official typing documents used in the UAE. ALREAYA has demonstrated a good performance record in term of quality of services, accuracy and time effectiveness through its skilled and professional team. It is also the typing center of reference in Al Ain City that is always ready to provide its assistance to customers while maintaining the best business relationship with TAS’HEEL and other government bodies.