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Al Ain Center For Care & Rehabilitation

Al Ain Center For Care & Rehabilitation for children with special needs ( ACCR ) is a personal initiative to provide basic education and care for a group of children with special needs. ACCR was inaugurated in 1999. Today the center has been dubbed as a school for the future, offering advanced specialized rehabilitation services to hundreds of children from the UAE as well as others from GCC and Middle Eastern countries. With the growing demand for special needs services in the region in general and because of the saturation encountered in our actual school building, the founder started developing the same concept a few years ago, but on the bigger scale. In fact the actual orientation is to build a state of the art rehabilitation center which will be the biggest and most advanced center in the whole region. Spread all over 20.000 sqm of land in Al Foaa region Al Ain City, the center will inaugurate its phase 1 in mid September 2013. The first phase will have a capacity of 200 Children with special needs. The services of the new center will include a Dorm with a capacity of 200 beds. All the rooms are equipped with modern furniture and facilities as well as a high standing of quality living and decoration. They are also equipped with Web cameras allowing the managerial staff, supervisors and parents alike to be in permanent visual communication with the students. The center also provides other advanced facilities and equipments such as oxygen treatment machines and a training center for managerial staff and technicians. Also, it is endowed with special and specific Entertainment facilities such as a Zoo garden, an Equestrian space and a well secured kids play ground. The center has its own Food preparation and service facilities. With 5 star kitchen equipments and a well conceived canteen, the center can provide the highest level of food quality, safety, food control consistency & hygiene. A specialist in Nutrition & Food Hygiene is already in place to fine tune every single detail in collaboration with our professional Kitchen Chef and his own team of skilled cooks. The Phase 2 of project construction has already started and will be fully prepared within a few months. The second phase will add 300 beds to the actual capacity of our Dorms to reach 500 beds in the near future. Other additions are the Indoor Swimming Pool and fully equipped Sports Center with multi-purpose sports activities, Sauna, Jacuzzi and other advanced equipments and facilities. This will ensure the highest level of comfort, relaxation and luxury to our beloved students. Finally, we believe that no matter what is provided to our students it still won’t be enough. We will push ourselves and try our best to keep on supporting them and helping them the best way we possibly can, and hopefully they can come out with the best they can get from life.