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Momento Restaurants

Initially created to complement BOWLING CITY unique concept, MOMENTO is an exceptional food & beverage service chain. It provides its customers with five-star hospitality services, with a friendly atmosphere & trendy décor at reasonable prices that are within the reach of everyone. MOMENTO offers tasty food and drinks, ranging from fresh salads to pasta, live cooking, & grills-on-the-spot.There is also a separate Momento Cafe counter serving coffe, smoothes, juices and other homemade sweets and pastries; constituting of a one-of-a-kind, classy, “Italian spirit” coffee shop, where you can sip some of the world’s finest coffee. Momento is actually located in some of our Bowling City Branches, Dubai festival city, Deira City Center and mainly operating in prestigious Universities such as the American University of Sharjah and IT College in Al Ain. The Flexibility of the concept, The quality of food, the smooth operation and services in addition to the uniqueness of its ambiance and general atmosphere are the major factors that motivate us for any future development and expansion plans. We are actually working toward upgrading the Momento concept to become franchised in UAE and abroad (GCC and Middle East) Some potential franchisees are approaching us and we are actively considering their requests as part of strategic planning.